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Associate of Arts - Christian Counseling


Courses for the Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies program:


  • AS1000  Reality of the Supernatural World 

  • OT1153   Ecclesiastes 

  • NT1968   John Epistles, 1, 11, 111

  • CS6150    Studies in the Deeper Life

  • AS1150    Doctrine of Regeneration

  • OT1155    Galatians

  • HS0614   The Holy Spirit

  • CCC23    Crucial Accountability 

  • THE23    Studies of the Deeper Life











Admission Requirements:  For adult students interested in beginning or completing their undergraduate degree, the Vineyard Place Biblical Seminary offers flexible educational opportunities. Students seeking to enroll must complete an online admission application and submit proof of a standard or advanced high school diploma, or a high school equivalency certificate.

The Associate of Arts - (Christian Counseling) degree requires a total of 60 credits of work. This is generally the first level of higher education after high school, and because of the large number of credits required, tends to provide a broad-based foundation in a number of subjects.


At VBS, after you take Christian Counseling,  you will be allowed to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in choosing the courses you take for your degree since He knows better than we do what knowledge and skills you will need to fulfill the plans He has for you. Therefore, you may find that you select courses from nearly every concentration, with one area, in particular, having your strongest interest and therefore drawing the most courses from it.


You may bring in up to 30 credits toward this degree through transcripts from other schools or documented life experience.

The program is very accessible to both full-time pastors, working pastors, layman, etc.  with all courses being available through the VBS  Education Formats.

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