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Graduate Degree Programs


Our mission is to enable you to respond faithfully to God’s calling and purpose for your life. Vineyard Place Biblical Seminary’s graduate degree programs are designed to equip you for greater kingdom service in pastoral ministry, ministry on the mission field, and chaplaincy with a higher level of biblical and theological education. 


VBS Master Degree Programs

The Master Degree Programs through our accredited online seminary is a comprehensive, 60-semester hour curriculum that allows students to work at their own pace.  


Our curriculum is designed for students who desire to increase their knowledge and develop their skills in religious leadership and effective ministry that benefits both the professional and personal lives of the student.


We offer the following Master Degree Programs:




VBS Doctorate Degree Programs

The Doctorate Degree Programs through our accredited online seminary is designed for students who desire to emerge with a deeper understanding of Scripture -- that will set them apart as committed servants of Christ in the local church and global communities.


The VBS Doctorate Degree programs aim at teaching, training and transforming students to lead with advanced theological and biblical depth with leadership intelligence. 


We offer the following Doctorate Degree Programs:


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