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Welcome to Vineyard Place Biblical Seminary


VBS is a Biblical Theological Seminary accredited by Accrediting Commission International, Inc (ACI) and a Licensed Affiliated member of the National Christian Counseling Association. Accrediting Commission International, Inc (ACI) is not affiliated with any governmental accrediting agency and is solely committed to Christian education. As a result, VBS is able to facilitate the NCCA program, enabling our students to apply and receive a Christian Counselor’s license.


Founded in 2006 and has been serving Christian workers in the field for more than a quarter of a century. Our mission statement is “To provide a quality Bible-based education to pastors, evangelist, preachers, teachers, and counselors of God’s word so that they might be able to faithfully proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to disciple Christians in God’s word.” And we have been fulfilling this mission nationwide and across the globe for over many years.


History of VBS


In early 2000, Dr. Alma C. Allen recognized a calling from God to establish a cost-effective Bible-honoring seminary for Christians who were already serving in the field. God blessed VBS on low tuition prices for students, especially active pastors. Students began to enroll in surprising numbers as VBS’s name and reputation spread slowly. The seminary’s reputation began to spread by word of mouth, from student to potential student, and the student body of VBS grew in leaps and bounds. 


As time progressed more students were added which enabled more curriculum to be developed. In 2009, at mid-week bible study with an open forum group. The questions was asked, whose tomb was Jesus of Nazareth buried. To an amaze from someone that was a visitor and of the five-fold, did not know the answer. This encouraged me to go deeper to establish a greater area of education and a dream to spread the gospel even further.   


By 2013, VBS has grown continuously and have seen its graduating students go on to be great teachers, preachers and evangelist with enthusiasm.  As we challenge, innovate, and engage the world, we remain firmly rooted in the unchanging gospel of Jesus Christ. Whether you study children at risk or theology and culture, you will find a solid biblical grounding in every course.

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