Doctor of Theology

Courses for the Doctor of Theology (D.Thd.) program:


  • OT41035    Isaiah B-2(if A-1 has not taken) 

  • EP45580    Timothy 1-2

  • OT43555     Ecclesiastes 

  • OT43777    Job B-2(if A-1 has not taken) 

  • NT41705     Acts B-2(if A-1 has not taken) 

  • CS33226    Theology of Christian Counseling 

  • NT41870     Philippians 

  • NT42025    Peter I & II

  • TH42226    Daniel 

  • PS61500     Leadership Ministry PS-615   

  • PC2050      Reality of the Supernatural




Admission Requirements:  For adult students interested in beginning or completing their post-graduate degree, the Vineyard Place Biblical Seminary offers flexible educational opportunities. Students seeking to enroll in the D.Thd. program must complete an online admission application, evaluation form, and must have completed an approved 120 semester hour program of study. 


The Doctor of Theology (D.Thd.) degree is a 65 core curriculum study program specifically designed to train experienced pastors or teachers seeking to advance their knowledge and understanding of critical biblical doctrines and passages.


It is much studying within the knowing about the Kingdom of God.


Over one-half of the program is Biblical explanation. Students may complete the program at their own rate of pace. The program is very accessible to both full-time and bi-vocational pastors, with all courses being available through the VBS Distance Education Formats. 


The D.Thd Theology program is the most popular VBS program among seasoned pastors and has a proven record of success. Students are required to complete the course with their dissertation study.