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Doctor of Psychology 


A degree in setting your mind on thoughts and behavior.  Doctrine of Profession of Psychology will enable you to regularly apply your gifts of compassion, empathy, understanding and acceptance of the human condition.

Vineyard Place Biblical Seminary in Psychology will prepare you for this rewarding career with classes in  psychology, research design and analysis and advanced theories of personality. You’ve been gifted as a helping individual. This is not state licensure. 


The online degree in Psychology degree offers students the opportunity to gain a broad, graduate-level education in the areas of psychology such as developmental psychology, social psychology, cognitive psychology and neuropsychology. The program provides students with knowledge of human thought and behavior as well as research and analytic skills that can be applied in a wide range of professional settings.

Graduates of our program will be qualified to teach psychology courses.  The degree in psychology focuses on the theoretical and the study of counseling/clinical psychology. The degree does not lead directly to practice licensure. Student will need to enroll in the courses for National Christian Counseling Association to receive their licensure. 

Additionally,  Psychology degree is offered in a convenient and accessible format online. This allows students worldwide and at different stages of life with the opportunity to study graduate-level psychology with minimal interference in their personal and professional lives.


For general admission standards, see the tab on requirement. In addition, the following specific requirements are necessary for admission to the Ph.D. program (students lacking these specific requirements may complete courses in the appropriate areas to qualify.

1. A graduate degree from an accredited institution and at least 9 graduate hours. (Certain courses may substitute for some of the philosophy requirement.)
2. A cumulative grade point average of at least 3.5 (on a 4.0 scale) in previous graduate studies.
3. Submit adequate test scores no older than five years from the Graduate Record Examination (official transcript or unofficial transcript)
5. Undergo an interview with the admissions committee or its representatives.
6. Take and pass an entrance exam that allows the applicant to demonstrate basic knowledge in theology, biblical studies, apologetics, and philosophy of religion. The entrance exam must be taken within two weeks of receiving the study questions.

Applicants who do not meet the requirements must be admitted to other graduate programs to complete recommended and required work to remove deficiencies. Such students will be required to maintain a 3.5 GPA and demonstrate superior research skills.

Students may be full time (9 hrs. or more per semester) or part time (less than 9 hrs. per semester). Courses are offered to students as semester classes or  modules via live streaming.

Not more than four courses (12 hours) from other Ph.D. or equivalent research–based doctoral courses may be considered for transfer.


The student will be required to pass written and oral comprehensive exams prior the acceptance of the dissertation prospectus.

The student is required to produce a Dissertation that makes an original contribution to his or her field of study.
Details of the Prospectus, Dissertation, and Defense are specified on the student form of direction given during the student enrollment. Students must maintain continuous enrollment each semester until the Dissertation is completed and defended (see Continuous
Enrollment Fee).

In addition, candidates for the Ph.D. degree must have completed the entire course program for that degree, with a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or better, within the specified time limits, submit, and have accepted, a dissertation according to the requirements in the program. The completion of these minimal requirements does not automatically qualify a student for the degree.
The candidate must evidence to the satisfaction of the faculty proven Christian character and ability in Christian ministry.

The Ph.D. program must be completed within (4) years of enrollment. Applications for extensions to this time frame must be approved by the Academic Committee.




PH5005 Reading and Research - A1 

PH5006 Reading  and Research - B2

PH5001 Integrating Temperament and Psychology

PH5008 Feast of Israel 

PH5009 Ministry Leadership PS615

PH5015 Theology of Christian Counseling

PH5011 Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality

DISS05  Dissertation Prospectus 

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