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                                  PHILOSOPHY PROGRAM

                                   In the Doctor in Philosophy of Program, You Will:

The 60 hour Doctor of Philosophy program at Vineyard Place Biblical Seminary will prepare you with experience and credentials ideal for those preparing for Teaching, Speaking, Pastoral Ministry, or Missions. This is not a state licensure program.

1.Demonstrate an advanced knowledge of philosophy and apologetics, as well as their interactions with theology
2. Cultivate skills for teaching a number of philosophical and theological topics in an academic or non-academic setting.
3. Refine your abilities for research and writing in all of the degree’s core subject areas
4. Apply your extensive philosophical training to issues including science, worldviews, history, religions, and various apologetic systems
5. Develop a thorough understanding of philosophical issues related to science and theology and be equipped to engage in current cultural issues and debates in these areas.

If you are interested in applying for the Ph.D. in this area of study contact our administration office or enroll today.

Prerequisites: Master's Degree or Equivalent


Doctor of Philosophy - Christian Education 

Doctor of Philosophy - Theology

Doctor of Philosophy - Christian Counseling

Doctor of Philosophy - Christian Leadership

Doctor of Philosophy - World Christian Missions and Evangelism 

Doctor of Psychology - Christian Counseling


1. 3 letters of Recommendation directly to the Seminary unsealed, mailed or faxed. Form letters will be forwarded to students at time of enrollment and/or switch after payment. 

2. Entrance examination of a 100 question biblical exam will be sent to students and must be returned to enrollment within 2 days after enrollment of payment. 

3. Students must maintain a 3.5 gpa or above to remain in the program. Any student that retains below a 3.5 will require additional exams to retain for completion.

4. Students must complete a 50 pages Dissertation with intense research and preparation to be completed before graduation. 

5. Students must understand the cost change of additional tuition with switching of established Philosophy / Psychology degree costs and maintain their tuition agreement monthly. 


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