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Bachelor of Arts - Missions & Evangelism


Course List for the Bachelor of Arts Missions & Evangelism program:


  • EE2000   Acts A-1

  • EG2020   Ephesians

  • BT2030   Hebrews 

  • NT2031   Matthew A-1

  • CS2010    John Epistles 

  • CCC23     Crucial Accountability    

  • PC2051    Reality of the Supernatural

  • CS6150    Studies in the Deeper Life

  • SP5011    Spiritual Leadership





Admission Requirements:  For adult students interested in beginning or completing their undergraduate degree, the Vineyard Place Biblical Seminary offers flexible educational opportunities. Students seeking to enroll must complete an online admission application and submit proof of a standard or advanced high school diploma, or a high school equivalency certificate.


The Bachelor of Arts - (Missions & Evangelism) degree is a 120 semester hour program, with the first 60 hours being completed at the Associate’s level. A Bachelor's Degree in Missions and Evangelism that’s worth far more than the paper it’s printed on.

We believe that experiential knowledge is infinitely more valuable than detached book learning. All the head knowledge in the world will do you little good if you can’t make it work in the real world.


That’s why every step of the way you will be applying what you learn. Each of our Missions and Evangelism course is refreshingly practical and will guide you step-by-step through the processes and techniques that are used.

The program is very accessible to both full-time and busy pastors, leaders and layman, etc. with all courses being available through the VBS Distance Education Formats.

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