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Undergraduate Degree Programs

Thinking about pursuing a seminary education to strengthen your ministry? Vineyard Place Biblical Seminary’s undergraduate degree programs are designed with flexibility for students with commitments to family, church, employment, and community who choose not to participate in the residential education experience. 

VBS Associate Degree Programs

The Associate of Arts Biblical Studies & the Associate of Arts Missions & Evangelism through our accredited online seminary are both 60-semester hour programs. Our curriculum is designed to equip students for effective ministry through academic instruction combined with hands-on ministry and personal mentor-ship that help students attain a fundamental grounding in Biblical Studies.

We offer the following Certificate Independent Studies

  •  Biblical Studies         Pastoral Leadership

  •  Evangelism               Prayer

  •  Supernatural and Prophetic    Church Planting

  •  Care-giving Formation 


We offer the following Associate Degree Programs:


VBS Bachelor Degree Programs

The Bachelor Degree Programs through our accredited online seminary require 120 semester hours, with the first 60 hours being completed at the Associate’s level. Our curriculum is designed for students with a desire to lead in ministry, explore the nature of God, impact global kingdom culture, or enhance your ministry with biblical counseling principles.



We offer the following Bachelor Degree Programs:




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