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Master of Arts - Ministry Leadership


Course Listings for the Master of Arts - Ministry Leadership program: 


  • NT31919   Timothy 1- 2 

  • NT31968   James

  • NT31704   Acts A-1

  • CS33002   Ephesian

  • CCC2333   Crucial Accountability 

  • CS61500    Studies in the Deeper Life 

  • OT33661   Thessalonians 1-2 

  • OT35160    Isaiah A-1

  • PS61500    Leadership Ministry PS-615

  • TP30001     THESIS(25 PG) Approved




Admission Requirements:  For adult students interested in beginning or completing their graduate degree, the Vineyard Place Biblical Seminary offers flexible educational opportunities. Students seeking to enroll in the  Master of Arts - (Ministry Leadership)​ program must complete an online admission application, evaluation form, and must have completed an approved 120 semester hour program of study. 


The Master of Arts - (Ministry Leadership)​ degree is a 60 core curriculum semester hour program that students may complete at their own rate of progress. Most students will complete the program in approximately two years.

This overview of the literature, history, and themes gives particular attention to the relevance of these books for the church and world today.


The MMin (Ministry Leadership) is specifically designed for those church leaders working within the church setting seeking an introduction to graduate level seminary work. 


Pastors, leaders, and church leaders seeking to advance into the DThd or DMin programs. All courses being available through the VBS Distance Education Formats.

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