Certificate Programs - Independent Studies


   The Certificate of Independent Program:


  • AS1000  Biblical Studies

  • OT1153   Evangelism

  • NT1919   Pastoral Leadership PS-615

  • NT1968   Prayer 

  • PS6150    The Prophetic and Supernatural 

  • AC2051   Journey to Spiritual Maturity


  • OT1155    Caregiving of the people 









Admission Requirements:  For adult students interested in beginning or completing their undergraduate degree, the Vineyard Place Biblical Seminary offers flexible educational opportunities. Students seeking to enroll must complete an online admission application and submit proof of a standard or advanced high school diploma, or a high school equivalency certificate.

The Certificate Programs of Independent Studies 
Each course  is an independent within itself  to receive a  certificate.  
Certificate candidates must complete the following requirements: 1) A minimum of 18 semester hours of courses, as defined by the program description, must be completed with at least a “C” (2.0) cumulative grade point average.
2) If there are transfer credits, candidates must complete 7 semester hours through VBS
3) Full financial settlement must be made with VBS before any candidate may receive credits to graduate, obtain transcripts, or receive their certificate.

The program is very accessible to both full-time and working pastors, leaders, teacher, etc with all courses being available through VBS  Education. 

60 credit hours (18 in major, 39 in general education, 3 in electives)